How to Configure a Corporate Email?

Corporate or business email is the service that allows your company to communicate reliably and securely with: customers, suppliers and employees through an email with the name of your company.

Cpanel allows us to create corporate email accounts with the Domains hosted in the Hosting account.

Let’s see how we can create an account and configure it:

  • Step 1. Login to Cpanel
  • Step 2. In the Email section, then click on Accounts
  • Step 3. Click on Create Account
  • Step 4. Enter the account name and password
  • Step 5. Finally, click on Create Account and the server will automatically create the account with the associated domain.

After creating corporate email accounts, you can verify it in webmail by accessing the domain name plus webmail. Example: “domain of" Finally you enter with the registered email and the assigned password.

How to Set Up an Outlook Corporate Email Account?

Once our accounts have been created, we can use any email client such as Outlook for example to send and receive our emails through this system, access the email account configuration section of the system you want to use and fill in the requested fields as follows :

  • Step 1. Open Outlook
  • Step 2. Click File
  • Step 3. Click Add Account
  • Step 4. Click on Manual Configuration or Additional Server Types
  • Step 5. On the next page select POP3 or IMAP and click next
  • Step 6. On the page enter your name the email address to configure
    • Account type: It is recommended to use POP3, and for mobile devices IMAP
    • Incoming Server: You must enter your domain preceded by the sub-domain mail example: mail.domain of
      Outgoing Server: You must enter your domain preceded by the sub-domain mail example: mail.domain of
    • Username: Enter email example:
    • Password: Enter the password from the email example: your account password
  • Step 7. Click on more settings
  • Step 8. Go to the second tab with the outgoing server name.
    • Enable: My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication
    • Activate: Use the same settings as my incoming mail server
  • Step 9. Go to the third tab
    Incoming server (IMAP): enter 110
    Use the following type of encrypted connection: none
    Outgoing server (SMTP): enter 587
    Use the following type of encrypted connection: none
  • Step 10. Click the accept button.
  • Step 11. Click the next button, the system will load and display a message that the tests have been completed successfully.
  • Step 12. You can start working on your accounts as normal.

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