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What is a corrupt file?

Today it is so common to hear about diseases, such as viruses or infections that can be contagious and risky for health. However, it is not surprising that not only living beings suffer this type of risk, but also the files and data that we have on our computers or devices, can present vulnerabilities that completely damage them.

How does a file get corrupted?

There are several reasons why a file may become unusable or “corrupt”, for example; virus attacks, malware or malicious scripts, operating system malfunctions, transmission errors, outdated codes or unsupported and unsafe versions of platforms. In very few cases the problem can be fixed and the files that have been corrupted can be recovered, however in most cases it is necessary to permanently delete them and replace them with similar ones. It may be that deleting and replacing the files with others will solve the problem, however this problem may be something that occurs frequently due to an external malware or virus that modifies the function of the system, in this case it must be corrected as soon as possible. possible since otherwise this may affect your account and generate a suspension by the Hosting provider because it would be violating security protocols.

What to do if I have corrupt files?

In some cases, as we mentioned above, the problem can be solved by using system tools to repair the damage, as long as it is due to a temporary failure of the operating system. On the other hand, having an antivirus program can be of great help to detect this type of damaged files and carry out automatic repair. After making these types of corrections, the software should continue to function normally.

However, when the corrupted files cannot be repaired, in this case it is necessary to permanently delete them, replace them with totally new files, and install a new database. It is not recommended to upload a copy of the files if they were already infected because this would not correct the problem, you can make a copy or Backup of the files as long as it is previously saved, allowing you to solve the problem and avoid losing the information.

Many websites or blogs provide some information on how to repair corrupt files, either automatically or manually or even with some type of antivirus. However when several of the files are already infected or corrupted there is nothing to do. The most recommended in this case is to completely delete the content of the account and recreate them from scratch as if it were a new service.

The most common causes of file corruption are that POSIX-based file systems such as Linux, also Unix, BSD, Windows and MACOS use a security system based on users and groups, where three figures indicate the permissions to access directories , links, devices and files. The truth is that if we assign 777 permissions to a directory we are telling our system that that directory is accessible to anyone. This means that any little hacker with minimal security knowledge could inject files that would be executed on our server with the wrong permissions. Reason why our code could be damaged and generate this type of errors or code infected by viruses.

Some programmers only filter code injection into fields that are visible to the user, such as the URL or form fields. In addition, the automatic tools for detecting security holes do not go much further. However, hackers can modify any parameter that is sent in the communication, whether it is in the HTTP protocol headers, in the requests made by hidden form fields. This is carried out with tools such as WebScarab, Paros or Burp that act as a proxy between the hacker's browser and the server, allowing all the content of the communication to be viewed and modified to suit the attacker. Hackers are very patient: if they want to attack a specific target, they can spend weeks or months looking for vulnerabilities of this type. On the other hand, the platforms used to set up websites such as WordPress, Joomla or PrestaShop also have their vulnerabilities, which allow filtering scripts or malicious code if the proper updates are not made. So the best thing we can do to avoid hacker attacks is to know how they can attack them and to always have the code updated.

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