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What is WordPress?

WordPress or CMS (Content Management System) is a platform focused on creating web content or any type of page. Initially it was created with the aim of uploading blogs but over time improvements were implemented in order to upload any type of content or websites such as commercial pages.

Many clients today prefer to use WordPress to create their website as it is very easy and straightforward for them to customize their content on the website. It is for that reason that due to the demand for the use of WordPress by many clients WordPress Hosting was created, in order to meet all the needs that a client may have.

What is WordPress Hosting?

When we talk about Hosting, we refer to an accommodation or space where files and databases are stored, including the content of the website. However, it needs to meet some requirements for it to work properly.

For example, a minimum required space is needed where WordPress can be installed, in this case 30 MB would be an approximate value of space that is needed for the installation of the structure or template that we are going to use. As we add elements such as images, plugins, email accounts, etc. We will need more space and capacity on the disk. In view of the above, it is recommended that we hire a plan where we have a disk space equal to or greater than 4 GB, however this will depend on the type of WordPress we use.

It is very important that the versions of PHP and MySQL are the latest or updated versions, since this will depend on the correct functioning of the website. The version that WordPress officially recommends is from 7 onwards. The database (MySQL) required is version 5.6 or higher.

A WordPress Hosting that meets the parameters and quality standards should also have SSD disks, since WordPress Hosting needs the highest possible speed to the network, and Web Hosting with SSD disk greatly improves the speed unlike traditional hard drives.

Something that we should also look at when hiring a WordPress Hosting plan is that it has a good amount of monthly traffic. The amount of data or information that a website can transmit per month will depend largely on the space that it has contracted. This is very important because if we do not have knowledge about the number of visits our website will have or the type of content we publish, this could affect the performance when loading the web page in the future. Therefore, it would be advisable to hire a plan that has at least 12 GB of monthly traffic or higher capacity.

What is WordPress Hosting for and what advantages does it have?

The advantage of WordPress is that it is a free software service which allows many users to create content in a visual way without having to program from scratch, such as designing a website using HTML and CSS. In addition, it already has the basic functions implemented for any website, such as the menu section, contact form or the effects when changing an image.

As we mentioned at the beginning, WordPress was created with the aim of making blogs or personal content sites, however currently it also allows you to create corporate web pages, Online stores, informational content sites, among many more.

Another of the great advantages is that it can be adjusted to the needs of the clients depending on the requirements demanded by the number of users who have used this digital platform. For example, plugins (add-ons or extensions) have made it possible to design different websites with great flexibility and ease, which saves us a lot of time. Currently there are different types of plugins that serve a special function or purpose in order to make our website responsive.

What should I keep in mind when hiring a WordPress Hosting?

Currently there are many companies that offer WordPress Hosting services, which can be very useful when starting our project or business. However, it is very important that we know how to choose a service that provides us with the guarantees and the necessary tools to be able to have a stable service. Next we will see some characteristics that will help us to identify a reliable service and that will help us to have knowledge about which Hosting I should choose.

  • Easy installation
    Despite the fact that we live in a time where technology has become an important medium as a work, communication and management tool, for some it is a bit difficult to know how to use some means such as a website. Perhaps many would like to have their website but do not know how to create one. In this case, it would be advisable for the hosting provider to have a WordPress system that is easy to install with just one click.
  • Security
    When we think of this word, we surely imagine malicious people who might want to steal information like a “hacker" for example. And in fact it is something that we should also take into account when hiring a Hosting service. A service that provides us with SSL security certificates to safely navigate the web or when accessing the site. WordPress like any other software has its vulnerabilities, so it is recommended that the Hosting that we hire complies with all the security rules to avoid this type of attack or problem in the future.
  • Technical support
    For many, thinking about technical problems can result in a headache, however it is essential that we have a Hosting service provider that can give us attention, response, solution in the shortest possible time and with satisfactory results for problems that we do not have. idea of ​​how to solve them. So it is better to choose a provider that has available means to assist us, such as chat, by phone and Tickets, and that stands out for its good service in the shortest possible time.
  • Capacity
    Most of the plans of Hosting in a shared servant tend to offer a limited space. Therefore, it is important to know how to choose a plan that gives us enough capacity to store the information that we will need or upload as our business or project grows with time and demand from the clients or users that we handle. In this case, it would be advisable to hire a minimum plan of 5 GB to guarantee that we are not going to run out of space in the future either with the files contained in the Hosting or email accounts.
  • Data center
    The speed largely depends on where the data center or physical servers are located. For example, if we manage a website from Mexico and the data center is in Japan, the data has to travel more distance and takes longer to arrive, unlike if we have it in the United States. So if possible it is advisable to hire Hosting services with a provider where they have the data centers or servers as close as possible.
  • Databases
    Most of the websites work with databases where the information of the content that we are going to consult is stored. WordPress like any site also requires the use of a database. Therefore, we must ensure that the provider with whom we are going to contract the Hosting has a Database.
  • Control Panel
    Let's make sure that they have a control panel like Cpanel which gives us ease of managing email accounts, FTP accounts, creation and administration of domains and subdomains, security certificates, among other tools that are essential.

As we have seen, a WordPress Hosting offers us many advantages and facilities when it comes to having and managing a website. So let's take these recommendations into account if we are interested in hiring a Hosting plan. Let's not focus so much on the price but on the quality and characteristics of the plan that we need. Finally, the security and the capacity on the server will guarantee us a good service without alterations, an optimal functioning and performance of WordPress.

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